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Announcement – BOD’s resolution to held the annual shareholders conference of 2019


1.Date of BOD’s Resolution: 2019/03/25
2.Date of 2019 Annual Shareholders Conference: 2019/06/14
3.Venus of 2018 Annual Shareholders Conference: The Speech Room,
Industrial Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee, located at 2F-2, No. 1 , Wuquan 1st Rd., Xinzhuang Dist. New Taipei City, Taiwan.
4. Reports in Conference:
   (1) 2018 Business Report
   (2) Audit Committee – Adoption of 2018 business report
   (3) Report on endorsement and guarantee in 2018
   (4) Other reports
5. Matters to be Ratified:
   (1) 2018 Business report and financial statement
   (2) Distribution of dividend
6. Matters to be discussed:
   (1)Modification of “Articles of Incorporation”
   (2)Modification of “Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of
   (3)Modification of “Procedures for Endorsement and Guarantee”
   (4)Modification of “Procedures for Lending Capital to Others”
  (1) Re-election of all directors, including independent directors
8. Other Motions:
(1) Release the Non-compete Competition Prohibition to all
    Directors, including independent directors.
9. Extempore Motion: None
10. The 1st date of Book Close Date: Apr. 16, 2019
11. The last date of Book Close Date: June 14, 2019
12. Other Specified: None