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Won the Top10 IP cameras of 2019!


Since its inception, Ability has been the leader in image sensor and optical integration. Leveraging on its solid foundation in high end camera and advanced optical components, Ability has made significant progress in the application development of AIOT in recent years.

The smart AI camera from Ability is built upon Intel’s Neural Computing Engine. Taking advantage of the powerful computing capability and comprehensive software framework, Ability’s smart AI camera platform is based on Intel Movidius Myriad X and designed with greatest flexibility for various application needs. The camera comes with the latest generation of Movidius VPU “Keem Bay” which provides even higher performance for all kinds of edge computing solutions. The open architecture of Ability’s smart AI camera platform allows users to upload and deploy their own training AI model, thus effectively accelerates the needed development time with easy integration of various cloud-based applications for most ODM and OEM customers.

With several decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and system integration of video/audio devices, great to see Ability and subsidiary company AndroVideo both are top 10 IP cameras for 2019, based on the page views and inquiries received on at . Ability Corporation is devoted to the development and deployment of smart AI cameras in areas such as smart care, smart retail, smart factory, smart transportation, and smart city. We look forward to bringing higher value and more innovations for our OEM/ODM customers world-wide.